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More than just yoga, you’ll find Power Living Adelaide offers a whole world of health, social and environmental education. Our mission is to create healthy humans who do their part for a healthier planet.

The journey starts with your own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Offerings range from power vinyasa to restorative yin, from strength training with physios to meditative qigong.  Join us  for guided meditations, talks for positive mind-food, educational courses and transformative trainings to change your life.

Meet our leading inspirational teachers and our international yoga family.  Join the movement.

City and Glenelg studios are open to normal in-studio practice. Check the City and Glenelg timetables to book in. (Please remember there are cancellation policies around in-studio classes.)

Livestream will of course continue throughout for community near and far. We love having you join our live classes and extend the love beyond borders of states and countries.

Stay strong. Stay connected. Much love from the whole PL Adelaide team.

The much loved monkey-man-god from yogic / Hindu mythology!

You’ve probably heard us say ‘hanuman-asana’ in class when we’re talking about a version of the splits. That’s because the shape represents Hanuman’s flying leap across the ocean in his epic adventure to rescue queen Sita from a particularly nasty demon.

Hanuman is an archetype that represents faith, devotion, and courage. And let’s face it, trying to do the splits takes a bit of all three 🤣

Love the stories of the poses? ‘The Myths Behind the Movements’ is a 4 week masterclass series with Claire Winther. Practice the asanas and learn about their magical meanings. Starts 4 June 💫
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As yoga practitioners, we owe a great spiritual debt to the legacy of India’s wisdom traditions.

Right now, the Indian subcontinent is experiencing a human rights crisis of epic proportions. As we watch it unfold from the comfort of our Adelaide sanctuary, we are compelled to give back in whatever way we can.

‘Voices for India’ is a community kirtan evening to gather and raise our voices, our awareness, and our funds. Proceeds will go to the Punarnava Community: a charity providing healthcare, education and relief to villages in the south-west region of India since 2006.

This small act is a way for you to contribute a positive ripple in the lives of those suffering right now, and to contemplate how we can move forward as a humanity with greater compassion and care.

Fri 14 May | 7:30pm
City Studio
Featuring Kristin Spence, Tessa Leon, Adam Whiting, and special guests!
All welcome, entry by donation 🧡
Book online.

May all beings know peace.
Om Shanti.
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The next series kicks off this Wednesday night: ‘You’re the Voice - The Power of Community Actions & Solutions’ 🙌🏽

We are thrilled to welcome Jess Scully, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney and author of Glimpses of Utopia. Jess will join us via livestream to teach us about models and success stories for community-led activism and solutions.

This session will inspire a sense of hope and agency about your own ability to be involved and affect change.

WED 5 May
Participate with the community in the City Studio, or join via Livestream.

Everyone is welcome. Bring your family, friends, and neighbours!
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Fast becoming a community favourite, you’re invited to snuggle into another Acoustic Yin offering for May.

Be guided through this practice by the enchanting Bianca Zara while Adam Whiting weaves you into the magic of his guitar strings and warm vocals.

Come let yourself be eased into the yin of winter, settle the static and be guided towards your divine birthright of rest.

WED 12 May
7:45pm | Glenelg Studio
FREE for members
$22 Casual

Please book online to secure your place for this special evening.

Photo by @adamwhitingyoga
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Final call for applications for Ripple Effect Funding this month!
In case you’re wondering, the application process is super quick and simple. We want to flash fund YOUR epic projects and support local communities doing awesome things.

Link in bio.
Applications for May close this Monday night. 💫
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Myths are sacred tales that help us to make sense of the world and our place in it.

Join Claire Winther over four weeks to open your ears and heart to the ancient tales of the deities called forth by the asanas. These stories can make us feel empowered and more connected to our struggle, strength and purpose.

Claire will thread the tales through the tapestry of the postural yoga practice. In each 90min masterclass, expect to move your body, expand your knowledge, feel deeply and consider modern day applications of this mythological wisdom.

Fridays 6pm
June 4 - 21
$99 (members 10% off)
City Studio or Livestream

Bookings open now. Link in bio
Photography by @adamwhitingyoga

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For the month of May we are thrilled to have our own beautiful Mireille teaching the Outreach Class for you!

@flowwithmimi graduated from our teacher training in 2019 and has become a key part of our support team in the City Studio. We love how passionate she is about environmental sustainability and social inclusion and we can’t wait to practice with her.

The weekly Outreach Class is open to everybody as a ‘pay why you can’ session. Come practice with one of our amazing graduates every month.

City Studio
60min non-heated vinyasa
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