We offer accessible and powerful practice for every body. Whoever you are, and whatever your current level of health, you are welcome at our studios.

Our team are some of Australia’s leading yoga facilitators, and freely take inspiration from both Eastern and Western health practices. You can read more about each of our team here.

If you’re new to yoga, or just want to learn what type of class might best suit your needs today, this is the place for it…

Our Classes

Vinyasa L2
Heated Vinyasa Level 2 (L2)

This is the original Power Living Vinyasa practice – and open to all levels. The rooms is warmed to 30 degrees so expect it to be sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying. This strong practice is the place to step up and transform both body and mind.

Non-heated Vinyasa Level 1 (L1)

Establish the foundations of vinyasa and learn the pillars of a safe, lifelong practice. We workshop alignment and break down the anatomy of the poses, pausing for questions and discussion. This friendly class is a great place to start, or come back to regularly for a high quality yoga education.

Yin Yoga

Find balance. This subtle practice brings the mind and body to stillness, offering an opportunity for physical relaxation as well as a meditative state. Working towards depth from a place of surrender, Yin yoga targets the body’s energetic system and connective tissue. Suitable for everybody.

Vinyasa Level 2 with Music

A warm vinyasa class which features music throughout. Expect a playful practice using soulful tunes and dynamic, expressive asana sequencing. This is where asana meets dance, allowing you to drop into your breath, get out of your head, and move in rhythm with the collective vibration.

Vin and Yin

Create space. This exploratory class combines dynamic flow with myofascial release (MFR) techniques to find freedom in your body. Start with flow and finish with MFR and restorative poses for a satisfying and balancing experience. This class will cultivate fluidity and openness through your entire being. Suitable for everybody.

Guided Meditation

For many people, the first stage of meditation or ‘mindfulness’ begins with learning how to concentrate on one thought or object for a period of time. We call this process ‘being present’. We offer a variety of meditation styles every morning. Our facilitators will guide you so that every meditation is accessible and potent.

Roll & Release

Roll & Release is a guided education on how to release tension in your body. Think of it as self massage medicine for sore, tight or tired muscles. These sessions are run by our physio-yogi team for expert education and guidance. A great way to prevent injury and target specific areas of tension. Suitable for everybody.

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves controlled breathing, movement exercises and meditation. Join our resident Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ben Waters to guide you through some gentle shapes to settle your mind and awaken the energy within. Suitable for everyone.


Floor based pilates is a full body conditioning session led by physiotherapist Belinda Lee. Move through a series of exercises incorporating functional movement patterns to build control with fine-tuned body awareness and precision. Support your posture and injury prevention while building deep core strength.

Strength & Conditioning for Yoga

Take it to the next level! Work on targeted strength to build resilience and power in key areas like your core, upper body and glutes. This class includes strong movement drills and reps that will help you take flight, especially in your handstands and arm balances! Variations are offered for all levels.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra translates to yogic sleep. Lie down and encourage your mind and body to rest deeply while being guided through body-scans and other visualisation techniques. This ancient practice helps settle your energy and create deep healing. Relax, reset your nervous system, and feel refreshed.


Pretty awesome selection huh?

You’ll find each of these classes available at City Studio, Glenelg Studio and Online Livestream. What style are you going to try next?

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