Nadia Koo


Don’t think… feel – Bruce Lee

Not knowing a thing about yoga, in 2013 an inner calling lead me to take a month away from my husband and children and dive into the deep end by living in the Sivananda Ashram to fully immerse myself into what I thought was exercise. Holy Cow… This intense introduction opened my mind and flipping rocked my world.

Ever since, yoga has been in my life. The challenge, self discovery, teachings, and the practice of yoga in all aspects, lay deep in my being. After every class I have a deep gratitude to the practice and to all my teachers, including Bryan Kest, Maty Ezraty, Duncan Peak, Jonny Kest, Sarah Powers and to my fellow teachers, family, friends and gratitude to people I don’t even know whom have taught me something.

Favorite Pose?

I don’t attach myself to any particular pose, and try not to have any expectation of an outcome. Focusing on my breath, helps keep me balanced when falling out of the moment. In my practice I love coming to the edge and feeling my body, allowing the pranic energy to move. With steadiness (sthria) and ease (sukha), creating balance and enabling every transition to become integrated within the yoga flow, I feel every pose has its magical potency.

Favorite Word?


Favorite Thing To Do?

Crank up the music and dance like crazy

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