Welcome to the party!

This Monday night fever class is discotheque meets heart pumping vinyasa. Join Ben Roberts at 6pm Monday 19 April as he guides you through a disco yoga class within the walls of Power Living Glenelg.

Expect to know the tunes, to get sweaty and to be in full boogie yoga-asana mode. Let your inner Jane Fonda run free! Embody the moves, dress to impress (if you’re feeling in the groove) and let’s get down, dog

Reserve your spot well in advance for this class as space is limited. Please bring your own mat if you have one. Disco yoga attire encouraged and entirely optional.


MONDAY 19 APR 2021

FREE for Members
$22 for casuals


About Ben Roberts

Growing up with a love of acrobatics, hiking, and the performing arts, Ben was initially drawn to yoga for the physical asana practice. His practice continues to evolve and Ben loves teaching classes that are playful, concept driven and powerfully embodied. Ben teaches at both Power Living City and Glenelg studios and brings to his work lots of heart, care and compassion for all. At the end of the day if you leave his class with a smile, a thought to ponder, or a new awareness around your body, then he is one happy teacher.

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