Duncan Djukanovic


Irenic (adj.) – promoting peace
Being a child of adoption, acceptance of others differences has always been prevalent in Duncan’s life. Knowing and understanding that we are all unique human beings. We all have experienced life through completely different eyes, we all have bodies that work in different ways and emotions that no one else can comprehend.

As a former high performance cricketer, Duncan has always set out to achieve at the highest level possible. But as my body succumbed to injuries, he realised how important it was to look after the body and to listen to what it needs.

In 2016, yoga became a huge part of Duncan’s life helping heal the physical and metal scars. Yoga allowed him to look inside and connect my mind and body. To help understand that they are linked so much and he is able find control to how he can feel mentally and physically.

After the tumultuous year, that was 2020. It was the perfect opportunity to enhance Duncan’s yoga practice, by completing his 200hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, graduating in December 2020.

Ever since he has graduated he has dived head first into teaching and spreading all that yoga encompasses. Yoga has also helped juggle the crazy life of being a father of 2 kids, which definitely needs composure, compassion, patience and understanding.

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