Join the Power Living community for a month of connection and meditation. This four week series invites you to take a fresh look at the world around you, and yourself.

Ancient wisdom traditions offer us ways to shine brighter light onto our everyday lives. In this time of great change and uncertainty, it’s a unique opportunity to come together and discuss our perspectives on life through the lenses of impermanence, interconnectedness and modern spirituality.

Join Tessa Leon to explore contemplation and meditation practices from yogic and buddhist teachings. Cultivate more presence and openness in yourself, and for those around you.

Meet together every Sunday in-studio or via livestream. Re-inspire your heart to live awake to the preciousness of human life.

5 – 26 JULY






every day and respond to journal prompts throughout the month



more deeply with this conscious community



tools and practices for awareness and compassion



ideas and insights with your fellow torch holders

5 – 26 July

Sundays 5:45pm (75min)

$69 in-studio / $59 livestream (members 10% off)

“This satsang series weaves ancient wisdom with modern philosophy to shine a torch on the beauty, mystery and connectedness of our lives. Illuminations is a lamp, a lighthouse, and a love-story for the human heart.”

About the facilitator

A co-owner of Australia’s most influential yoga community, Tessa has spent the past 8 years studying, practicing and teaching the tools of self-awareness to thousands of people from all walks of life. Her commitment, as leader of the vibrant Power Living studios in S.A., is to shine brighter light onto everyday life, through ancient teachings made relevant and accessible to today’s world.

Tessa graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations from Griffith University in 2008, majoring in Languages and Linguistics. She spent many years working as a language teacher. Alongside her studies, Tessa spent a decade as an award-winning writer and performing artist, travelling to festivals around Australia and the world. Her artistry is still expressed now through the poetry of teaching and sharing learnt experience.

Since 2012, she’s completed over 1000hrs of formal yoga industry certifications. Including studies in modern vinyasa, yin yoga, yogic literature and philosophy, buddhism, meditation, anatomy and advanced assisting. She acknowledges her teachers; Duncan Peak, Sarah Powers, Annie Carpenter, Rod Stryker and the late Georg Feuerstein for the influences she carries today.

For Tessa, yoga is the connection to modern life through ancient wisdom and open-hearted community.

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