Political Activism

Guest Speakers: State MP for Environment David Speirs and Adelaide City Counsellor Robert Simms

Actions WE Can Take

Personal Behaviour Change

  • Build a relationship with your local member of parliament (aim for 2-3 connections per year)
  • Sign up to organisations like Australian Conservation Fund, Wilderness Society, Greenpeace for updates and info
  • Check out “The Conversation” as a science and evidence-based source of news.

Community Behaviour Change

  • Have a difficult conversation with someone in your circle who you know shares different views to you. See if you can find common ground and build greater understanding.

Community Activism

  • Divest your money from banks, superannuation funds, or shares that invest in fossil fuels
  • Call out contradictions or green-washing by companies that you use or interact with (eg Santos sponsoring Tour Down Under)

Systems Activism

  • Contact your local MP with specific requests or concerns around policy (they are surprisingly accessible)

Indigenous Voices

Dr Chris Wilson is an archaeologist and Senior Lecturer in Archaeology & Indigenous Australian Studies at Flinders University.

Actions WE Can Take

Personal Behaviour Change

Education: Read Dark Emu, Watch Stan Grant

Community Behaviour Change

Offer acknowledgement of country

About the talk:

Chris walked us through his journey as the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a PhD in Archeology, speaking to some of the support and mentoring he received, some of the cultural barriers that are present and to the current BLM movement.

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