This is a call to come together as a community and positively shape this world we share. Together we can direct the internal vitality, strength and compassion that we have cultivated in our personal practice towards a whole-life spiritual practice.

This is Intelligent Living. And we invite you to join us!

Each month we will shine a light on a new social or environmental issue, and together lean into causes that we feel deeply passionate about supporting.  You can be a monthly regular, or just join for the topics you are interested in. This series is FREE for everyone in our extended community, plus your friends and family are welcome to attend and participate.

For more information about How it Works and How We Can Act, scroll down the page.

This Month:
Project pitch night – in conjunction with Adelaide ripple effect

Thursday 5th November, 7pm @ Power Living City Studio and Livestream, Free event.

This month we join forces with another Power Living Adelaide initiative, The Ripple Effect, to fund several local scale projects in environment, social equality or community.

To make it fun, we’ve asked several applicants to stand up in front of the crowd to give a 3 minute pitch on their passion project – what it is, why it’s important, and why a $1500 would help them make this a reality. Like Shark Tank but friendly, and about positive community impact as the key outcome rather than money.

By joining the audience, you get to hear about amazing people doing good in their community, get inspired to take action in your own ways, and meet other people that are thinking global while acting local.

You are welcome to come as an audience member only. Or for $20 you can cast your own votes (and financial support) behind projects that you would like to see get up.

Here’s just a few of the amazing projects that our generous donors have funded in the last year.

How Intelligent Living Works

The Intelligent Living Meetup

At the start of each month we will get together in person (and livestream) for a community meetup. In these sessions you will:

  • Connect with a like-minded community who want to help shape a healthy society
  • Learn from experts in the field so that you can expand your thinking, grow your skills and feel confident to transform your compassion into action.
  • Discover meaningful steps and interventions that you can take to enact change both individually and as a community.

The Intelligent Living Actions Board

Throughout the month we will aim to shift the needle from ideation to action.

The Action Board will help guide and track our impact together: some will be simple personal behaviour change, but others may be targeting systems activism where the big changes are made. It might look like signing important petitions, intentional conversations with neighbours, meeting with you local politician to express your concern, tree-planting days or any other way that the experts consider impactful.

How We Can Act

Framework from Shift Australia

There are levels of activism that begin with personal behaviour change which can be simple (eg have shorter showers) but potentially low impact. At the other end of the scale we have systems change (eg a legally enforced Murray-Darling Basin Plan) which need more effort to achieve but have high impact. All actions along this scale are important, but the aim of this series is to move towards the bigger picture changes that this planet needs.

About the facilitator

Triton has a passion for environment, equality and fairness. As co-owner and lead yoga facilitator of Power Living he thrives on leading a community of bright thinking, healthy humans.

The Intelligent Living project is about empowering conscious and aligned choices in lifestyle. We hope to take the deeply personal healing and strength developed on the yoga mat, and mix it with the realities of a modern life, to create an expression of life with purpose and meaning. It takes courage, it takes wrestling with new ideas, and it takes practice of new life skills with support of community. But together we can grow our do this and live into a bright future.

If you have any idea or topic that you would like to learn more about, email him at triton@powerliving.com.au

Previously On Intelligent Living

Effective Political Activism - 3rd Sept 2020 with Environment MP David Speirs and Councillor Roberts Simms

Environment and Politics


Guest Speakers State MP for Environment David Speirs and Adelaide City Counsellor Robert Simms


Actions You Can Take

Personal Behaviour Change

  • Build a relationship with your local member of parliament (aim for 2-3 connections per year)
  • Sign up to organisations like Australian Conservation Fund, Wilderness Society, Greenpeace for updates and info
  • Check out “The Conversation” as a science and evidence-based source of news.

Community Behaviour Change

  • Have a difficult conversation with someone in your circle who you know shares different views to you. See if you can find common ground and build greater understanding.

Community Activism

  • Divest your money from banks, superannuation funds, or shares that invest in fossil fuels
  • Call out contradictions or green-washing by companies that you use or interact with (eg Santos sponsoring Tour Down Under)

Systems Activism

  • Contact your local MP with specific requests or concerns around policy (they are surprisingly accessible)


Racial Inequality - 13th Aug 2020 with Dr Chris Wilson

Racial Inequality

About our guest:

Dr Chris Wilson is an archaeologist and Senior Lecturer in Archaeology & Indigenous Australian Studies at Flinders University.

About the talk:

Chris walked us through his journey as the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a PhD in Archeology, speaking to some of the support and mentoring he received, some of the cultural barriers that are present and to the current BLM movement.

Watch the Livestream recording here.


Actions You Can Take

Personal Behaviour Change

Education: Read Dark Emu, Watch Stan Grant

Community Behaviour Change

Offer acknowledgement of country

This series has been significantly inspired by the program of Shift Australia and makes use of their high quality education resources.

Shift run 28 day courses in activism. We’d encourage those that want to learn skills and connect with a like-minded community to take advantage of these free courses and resources. Click here for the link to their next round of courses.

Our unique series has been designed with feedback from our Power Living Adelaide community, particularly those at the Ocean Love talk in Feb 2020.

We don’t promote any particular world view other than that of seeking broad education, be humble enough to recognise that we all have our blindspots, and be guided by compassion in all actions.

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