Join us for a yin masterclass that is both revealing and healing where we will take the time to explore the many phases of womb-anhood; from menstruation to fertility, pregnancy to menopause.

In this three-hour workshop, we will apply this ancient knowledge from eastern philosophy. Bianca Zara will be joined by Carla Brion, an Acupuncturist, TCM doctor and the co-founder of The Golden Month

All are welcome for an afternoon that will include deep conversation, tools for self healing that can be used during your own phases, followed by a nurturing yin practice which will target two of the extraordinary channels of the body, including a short guided meditation. Post class treats and tea will be provided by The Golden Month.

14 AUGUST 2021



About the facilitator

Yoga has been part of Bianca’s life for more than a decade. Through her practice she has learnt to meet challenges, struggle and fluctuations with grace, resilience and an inner knowing of interconnectedness. Over her journey, Bianca has connected the practice of yoga with a wonderful way of living; one that she is inspired to share.

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