Pathways of Awakening

History, Literature, and Philosophy of Yoga
A 50hr Training

For millennia, spiritual seekers have used yoga’s ancient teachings as a roadmap to freedom for the mind and heart. Today, yoga is practiced daily by millions of people worldwide and looks very different to its inception in India thousands of years ago.

So how did we get here? And how can we use these practices in our modern lives to better understand ourselves, to live in harmony with each other, and to navigate a changing world with wisdom and grace?

Join Tessa Leon for a 5-day immersion to explore the history, literature and philosophies of yoga. Shine a light on the key phases of yoga’s evolution, its most influential texts, and the timeless ideals that remain poignant today. Trace the trajectory of this socio-cultural phenomenon all the way from archaic magic spells to sweaty downward dogs.

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been immersed for years, this is an invitation to take the seat of the seeker. Deepen your understanding of yoga’s radiant wisdom as we walk these pathways of awakening together.

21-25 JULY 2021
WED- SUN 8:30am – 4:30pm



$899 with 50hr certification (incl assignments)
$699 as personal study



Examine the historical phases of India’s spiritual lineages

Study original literature and source texts from different eras

Learn the meaning behind ancient mantras



Practice daily meditation

Experience ritual puja, yoga nidra and pranayama practices

Immerse in the stories and legends behind yoga’s mythology



Investigate various yogic philosophies and frameworks as they relate to modern life

Discuss modern yoga’s place in our society, and how to relate it’s ancient traditions to a contemporary teaching context

This course is for both yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners; the only prerequisite is a yearning to deepen knowledge and practice.

Yoga teachers are eligible for a 50hr accreditation towards their 500hr certification pathway through Yoga Alliance. Students will have 6 weeks from the end of the course to submit the assignments required to complete the 50hrs. This includes:

  • meditation practices with journaling
  • in-depth reading on a selected text (chosen in collaboration with course facilitator)
  • one written essay on your chosen text, completed with support from course facilitator.

About Tessa Leon

Community, education and creativity are the passions that orbit Tessa’s life.

As co-owner of South Australia’s most influential yoga community, Tessa has spent the past decade studying, practicing and teaching the tools of self-awareness to thousands of people from all walks of life. She’s completed over 1000hrs of formal yoga industry certifications. Including studies in traditional hatha yoga, modern vinyasa, yin yoga, yogic literature and philosophy, buddhist dharma, meditation, biomechanics and anatomy. She acknowledges her most influential teachers; Sarah Powers, Georg Feuerstein, Jack Kornfield, Duncan Peak, Lorin Roche, Annie Carpenter and Rod Stryker for the influences she carries today.

For Tessa, yoga is the connection to modern life through living wisdom and open-hearted community.

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