Yin is a transformative practice; one where we have space to settle, to listen to our ever changing bodies and to make peace with our monkey mind. On a subtle level, so much takes place as we tap into a different energetic side of ourselves during yin.

In this three hour workshop led by Bianca Zara, you will learn about the origins of yin yoga and why we need it more now than ever. Submerge yourself into the history and anatomy of yin, and bring your individual practice to life.

Part lecture, part posture lab, part practice you’ll uncover and celebrate unique differences in physical forms. You will leave feeling well-informed and empowered to modify your yin practice to suit your body and your life.

30 JAN 2021
11:30AM – 2:30PM



About the facilitator: Bianca

Yoga has been part of my life for more than a decade. Through my practice I have learned to meet challenges, struggle and fluctuations with grace, resilience and an inner knowing of interconnectedness. Over my journey I’ve connected the practice of yoga with a wonderful way of living; one that I am inspired to share.

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