An exploration of human anatomy

What’s going on underneath your skin? This 30hr training is for all movers, fitness trainers, yoga practitioners and health enthusiasts wanting to improve their understanding of the living body, from your muscles to your mind.

Learn the key anatomy of your bones, myofascia and joints. Then dive into applied neuroscience to discover how your body-mind system learns, remembers and improves it’s performance.

Each day we’ll oscillate between theory and practice, applying these understandings to a wide variety of movement patterns to road-test the ideas in your body. This course aims to leave you with an appreciation of all movement, and be able to apply cutting-edge training principles in every form.

We will utilise some yoga asana in this course as one of several movement modalities. We’ll also look into the mechanics of basic posture, walking, running, jumping, throwing, lifting, and coordination activities like juggling.

Led by expert physiotherapist, previous world-class acrobat, and lead yoga facilitator Triton Tunis-Mitchell. You’ll leave immersed in wonder at the miraculous architecture of the human body.

22-24 (FRI- SUN) OCT 2021
8:30am – 4pm




Key anatomy of your bones, muscles and joints

Delve into the neuroscience of body-mind performance

Discover the extraordinary potential of your human anatomy


Apply these understanding through a wide variety of movement patterns

Mechanics of basic posture, walking, running, jumping, throwing, lifting and more

Road test ideas to better suit your unique body and lifestyle


Perfect for all movers, fitness trainers, yoga practitioners, dancers, acrobats and any health enthusiast

Level up your movement practice for yourself and for those you teach

This course is the entry point for those considering doing our advanced anatomy hip, spine and shoulder modules in 2022.

This course is perfect for curious yogis, runners, gym-lovers, dancers, acrobats or anyone who wants to improve their movement practice for themselves, or the people they teach.
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Your Facilitator: Triton Tunis-Mitchell

Lead Facilitator & Co-Owner Power Living, Founding Physiotherapist Active Bodies

Triton is one of the co-owners and senior facilitators of Power Living Adelaide. Triton came to yoga from a long history of body knowledge and practice: he is a practicing physiotherapist and has had 30 years experience as a trainer and performing acrobat. Triton has a unique skill set that brings together art, science and heart. He is an encouraging and open explorer who aims to help you uncover your fullest potential.

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