At Power Living Adelaide we want to see a humanity that lives its highest values. Where community, equality, health and love show up in every action, every day.

These ideals are what motivate our team to create a studio culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and able to express themselves freely and respectfully.

The practice of yoga is the journey inwards of personal growth, healing and reflection. But at this time more than ever, the world needs balanced, compassionate and courageous humans to step to the front and show the way forwards. This is the intersection between an internal personal practice, and the external worldly practice.

We call it healthy humans for a healthy planet. This is our quiet revolution. And we want you to join us.


In 2020 we asked our team and our community why they practice yoga, what they’re passionate about, and what this community means to them… the answers have helped shape the future that we are moving towards.

Here’s what our team said…

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