At Power Living Adelaide we want to see a humanity that lives its highest values.  Where community, equality, health and love show up in every action, every day.

These ideals are what motivate our team to create a studio culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and able to express themselves freely and respectfully.

The practice of yoga is the journey inwards of personal growth, healing and reflection. But at this time more than ever, the world needs balanced, compassionate and courageous humans to step to the front and show the way forwards. Let’s learn more from each other, let’s congregate around complex ideas, and let’s support each others’ causes from a better planet.

This is our quiet rEVOLution. And we want you to join us.

this is what our team stands for…
and we’d love to hear from you

If you feel ready to join the rEVOLution we invite you to share your voice, your values and your commitment with our wider community. It’s the first step in us understanding what’s important to you as individuals and as a community.

You can use this format on instagram:

Post a photo of you – a simple portrait, yoga shot or anything else you feel celebrates you as you are.

“My yoga practice helps me to…”
“This community is…”
“I commit to…”

Include #powerlivingadelaide and @powerlivingadelaide tags so we can see and celebrate your contribution. If you want to hear from others in our community, tag them with “This is my commitment, what is yours?” @yourfriend

Or if you don’t do instagram, please pull one of our team aside and tell them directly. There is power in clarity.

As we all share our stories, this page will grow with contributions. Check them out regularly here, or instagram app with the #powerlivingadelaide

Home is where the heart is. ❤️

In last night’s 7:45pm live-stream class we practiced together with yogis in Mexico, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Some ending their day, some just beginning, but all breathing and being with each other in the same moment.

Magic happens when so many people come together with a collective intention for healing.
Healing for themselves, for one another, and for this planet home we share.

If you ever feel lonely, come practice. No matter where you are, let the community be your heart home.
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Great news today!⁣
Of course external circumstances will always fluctuate and change, and our practice is to remain steady in the midst of it all.⁣

Both City and Glenelg studios will reopen for classes from Monday morning. Bookings open now.⁣

All live-streamed online classes will continue. Keep practicing and stay connected to the community from wherever you are 🌏⁣

You’ll see more live-stream classes now on the schedule to support our networks near and far. Many of our overseas yoga family aren’t as lucky as us here - our thoughts are still with you.⁣

It’s been inspirational practicing from home with so many people over the past days. You can be very proud of the positive impact you’re creating - thousands of conscious humans staying strong and reaching out to each other.⁣

Well done Adelaide. We cannot control the waves, but we sure can learn how to surf!⁣

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Shout out to our members! 💞⁣
⁣‘6 days of yoga for Adelaide’ is not just a gift from us, it’s also from all of you who make up our core community.⁣

It’s your support that creates such a powerful network. This week of yoga is offered together from our members and our team, for anyone who needs it right now.⁣ 🙏🏾

And if you’re new here, welcome! We are a community of epic humans making a positive impact. And everyone’s invited to join the movement.⁣

Come be part of something special.⁣
We’re glad you’re here.⁣

#adelaideyoga #powerlivingadelaide #yogacommunity #australiayoga #adelaideloves #vinyasayoga #yinyoga #onlineyoga #livestreamyoga #intelligentliving

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We are here for you Adelaide.⁣
⁣Livestream classes are continuing every day.

Our four leaders will take the cameras home and keep broadcasting from our homes to yours. We are here to be a pillar of support for you. ⁣

Together, our vast community is strong and generous. With your support, we can share the yoga with a wider network that need our help now more than ever.⁣

‘6 Days For Adelaide’ is a free pass for us all to gift to this city. ⁣

Send it to your friends and family.⁣
Practice together.⁣
Take care of yourself and each other.⁣

Above all, know that you’re part of a collective of strong humans sharing the healing practice of yoga. 🙏🏾⁣

Let’s do this together.

Link in bio to share the ‘6 Days for Adelaide’ free pass with your people.⁣

Updated livestream timetable online now⁣. ❤️

#powerlivingadelaide⁣ #adelaideyoga #livestreamyoga #adelaideloves #adelaidecity #powerlivingyoga

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Here we all are. Another day hanging halfway between heaven and earth, experiencing earthling existence.

All classes streaming live online while studios closed for 2 weeks. 💞


6:30am vinyasa
7:30am meditation (free)
7:30am vinyasa
9:30am vin & yin
12:00 pilates (45min)
12:15pm vinyasa (45min)
1:00pm yoga nidra
4:30pm vinyasa
5:15pm qigong (45min)
6:00pm vinyasa
6:30pm level 1
7:45pm yin

Keep practicing. Take care of yourself and eachother.

#fallenangelpose #adelaideyoga #powerlivingadelaide #livestreamyoga #liveonlineclasses

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Lucky we’re flexible! Change of plans...

From tomorrow, both our City and Glenelg studios go back to 100% live online classes and community!

We are happy to support the hard and fast measures from S.A. Health to control this new covid cluster in Adelaide. Taking care of each other is what we do. 💞

You can keep practicing every class online from your home (or anywhere). Same practice, same teachers, same yogi family - just a different venue!

Your practice will help you navigate the changes with grace and ease right now. Our team will help you every step of the way.

If you've booked a studio class for the coming days, don't worry, we'll email you and automatically switch you into the livestream broadcast instead. No cancellation fees!

Our staff will be in the studio during business hours to help with the temporary transition.

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces (and your pets) over the interwebs!

Livestream timetable link in bio 💕

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Come as you are.
We value your authenticity more than your asanas.

Ben Roberts is holding space for your practice tonight at Glenelg Studio.
~ 6pm vinyasa ~

Show up for yourself and get real for eachother. 🙏🏾

Pic by @alexschumacher__ of @heapsgoodyoga
#powerlivingadelaide #adelaideyoga #integrity #authenticityoverapproval

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At last week’s pitch night we funded THREE incredible projects! Thanks to everyone who came and voted, and huge congrats to this month’s recipients:

1. Rebecca from Greenhill Living - educating kindy kids about plant / food cycles & nature connection 🌱

2. Rana - researching ecological grief to provide mental heath support for front line eco-activists 🦎

3. Roman - starting up a new educational project on climate-proof food ☀️

What an inspirational crew we have around here 🤩

You can get involved by donating to the Ripple Effect fund (this is where all your class cancellation fees go!)

Or apply for a grant to support your project. We give out $1,500 grants every month. Link in bio to get amongst it 🙌🏾

#powerlivingadelaide #adelaideyoga #therippleeffect #thepowerofcommunity #adelaideloves #adelaidefundraising

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The Art of Yin ✨🌱
A 3hr immersion into the exquisite practice of yin yoga with goddess Bianca Zara.
Learn the origins of the form, understand the shapes, and explore how to move through them with awareness and compassion for your unique body and heart-mind.

Next Sat 21 Nov
Glenelg Studio

Book now to grab your spot for this delicious opportunity.
Link in bio 💛

Pic @alexschumacher__
#adelaideyoga #powerlivingadelaide #yinyoga

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