Belinda Lee

Physiotherapist & Facilitator

Belinda Lee

Say yes to any adventure.

I first entered physiotherapy for my general interest in exercise, the human body and connection, oblivious to the incredible complexity of these areas.

As science and evidence evolves, I am continuously fascinated in our bodies incredible abilities to perform, heal and adapt.

The wonderful space and community at Active Bodies is what initially drew me to work here, but I most appreciate the strong focus of health as a lifestyle as this aligns with my own personal values and beliefs.

Alongside their personal goals, my goal for each patient is for them to gain a good understanding of how their bodies respond to therapeutic treatment, exercise and a regular dose of tender-loving care.

As a very active person myself, I have a good understanding of how the body moves and should move throughout various sports and activities.

From the average Joe to the elite athlete, I am here to empower each individual to challenge self-limiting beliefs and guide them to better health.

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